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About Us

Adria Databanka is a travel agency which runs an innovative online reservation and information system offering a wide range of holidays in Croatia and Slovenia. Our system offers a whole new way of viewing, reserving and paying for travel services.

We have been providing a booking service for accommodation on the Adriatic Coast, mainly private homes (apartments, villas, rooms), campsites and hotels, for many years now and we have drawn on this experience to try to improve the booking process for the end-user by eliminating the errors and misunderstandings that can often occur between the customer, travel agency and the holiday property owner in Croatia (Slovenia). We have tried to create a system, which, where possible, keeps the risk of the customer and the travel service provider to a minimum.

Advantages of our reservation and information system

  1. Great prices on accommodation and travel services - the customer pays the owner in Croatia (Slovenia) direct.
  2. Detailed information provided about each holiday property.
  3. When you pay the deposit you receive a reservation confirmation, detailed itinerary and further information about the property owners.
  4. Minimal financial risk: approx. 46.1% of the deposit is paid into our account. We transfer the advance payment in your name to the property owner's account in Croatia (Slovenia). You pay the remaining balance to the owner upon arrival. The specific payment details for each property are given in the property description.
  5. Wide range of accommodation options on offer - from secluded holiday homes in isolated bays to top-quality apartments, luxury villas, guest houses, campsites and all classes of hotels.
  6. Our website contains lots of easily accessible and valuable information about Croatia and Slovenia, the resorts, accommodation options, excursions, sporting activities, cultural events etc. We also have very knowledgeable staff in our branches who are always happy to help.

We want our customers to be able to quickly and intuitively find their way around our system. We provide a detailed description of the holiday property and basic information about the local area so that you can be sure that you are booking accommodation that meets all of your requirements and expectations.

We aim to be more than just your travel agent. We are constantly updating our website with new and interesting information about Croatia, the Adriatic Coast and Slovenia.


slevy Več noči,
ceneje je

Za nastanitve na Hrvaškem v sezoni 2020, pridobite popust od 3 % do 5 % s celotne cene (Velja do 31.03.2020).

Popusti za skupine » več

Če ena oseba naroči nastanitev na Hrvaškem za:

  • skupino 8 – 11 oseb: popust 20 €
  • skupino 12 – 15 oseb: popust 40 €
  • skupino 16 – 20 oseb: popust 60 €
  • skupino 21 – 25 oseb: popust 80 €
  • skupino 26 – 30 oseb: popust 120 €
  • za skupine več kot 30 oseb: nudimo popust po dogovoru

Vsota za nastanitev mora biti poravnana z enim računom in bo izstavljen samo en voucher.

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Dear clients and our website visitors,

due to the state of emergency declared by the Government of the Czech Republic, we have been forced to restrict the service of our travel agency since 16.3. 2020. For security reasons and to protect the health of all of us, the premises of our travel agency will be closed to the public. We handle all customer services and administration related to the sale of new or unfinished orders online. Our phone lines will be unavailable. Our reservation team works from home and handles your requests online only. During limited services, please contact us on

You can easily book your holiday from the comfort of your home. Our online reservation system works without any changes or limitations. If you are not able to choose a holiday or do not know what to do, please email us your exact requirements and we will be happy to prepare an offer for you. If you need to speak to us by phone, email us your phone number and we will call you ourselves.

Thank you for understanding.

Lets try to remain positive, responsible and help each other in these difficult moments.
Surely we can do it.

Croatia and the azure Adriatic will welcome us with open arms in the season 2020.

Your Adria Databanka Team